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Onlinewithandrea - a vehicle to share your story and a place for those to truly hear what you have to say. Suggest a topic or a guest. Email us at onlinewithandrea@yahoo.com


Take the time to explore various traditional and unique topics online with Andrea. This program hosted by Andrea Garrison, the Author and Producer of the highly acclaimed, The Crossing Over of Mattie Pearl (the Book, the CD and the DVD) currently available on amazon.com and createspace.com. In The Presence Of Angels a Swedenborg Foundation Press release is the latest book by Andrea. Visit the Titles By Andrea Garrison page for a complete listing of products that are available.

Andrea is also the creator of Andrea’s Greetings. Online with Andrea will feature a variety of guests and topics. It is a global online journey that will provide news, information and cover many issues from health, fitness, body, mind, heart, soul, spirit, the spoken word, the written word, art, music, dance, sports, theater, film, the environment, the planet earth, and beyond. This is a thoughtful uplifting program that focuses on opening hearts, lifting spirits, raising consciousness and creating a greater understanding of the whole universe.

There are so many things to explore. Ask questions and let’s discover the answers together in this journey online with Andrea.

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Andrea is available for Inspirational Speaking Engagements for Corporate and Private Events. Embrace Life to the Fullest by being all that you can be!!!  Creating Special Moments for Loved Ones With Care.


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Andrea Garrison is available to do an Oral Interpretative Story Telling Reading/Performance on The Crossing Over of Mattie Pearl (which is also included in the book In the Presence Of Angels) for book clubs, book stores, churches, colleges, libraries, theaters, universities, schools and other performance venues. For information email: onlinewithandrea@yahoo.com or call the USA 570 424-6602.

Onlinewithandrea - a vehicle to share your story and a place for those
to truly hear what you have to say. Suggest a topic or a guest.
Email us at onlinewithandrea@yahoo.com

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Living Within the Realm of Endless Possibilities,
Stepping Outside the Box Going One Step Beyond, etc…
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Onlinewithandrea - a vehicle to share your story and a place for those to truly hear what you have to say. To suggest a topic or a guest, feel free to contact us at onlinewithandrea@yahoo.com.

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